Teaching out of Belleville and Picton

also providing live wedding music and music for special occasions

If you are looking to start strings for the very first time, or

perhaps are returning to your instrument after a hiatus, you

are most welcome here! Our youngest student started at 4

years of age, and the oldest beginner...would rather refrain

from mentioning age! The right time to start a particular

student on an instrument is not measurable in years, but

rather in attitude and character. Private lessons, group class and ensemble instruction are all offered at Red Door String Studio.

Joel teaches classical violin and viola using the SUZUKI

method. This approach to teaching was developed by Shinichi Suzuki in Japan after WWII. It has now been adopted by teachers of various instruments all across the globe. Observing little children learning to speak their native language, which is a very complicated skill, Suzuki believed in the ability of small children to learn to play a musical instrument as well. Taking his cue from the process of learning a language, Suzuki developed a very successful approach to teaching music for all ages. The Suzuki method puts particular focus on breaking down the skill of playing the violin into small managealbe steps as well as establishing a solid foundation at the beginning stages of learning on which to build all subsequent skills.

Joel is committed to further development of his teaching skills. He serves on the board of the Suzuki Association of Ontario as a 613 area representative. He also attends Suzuki training courses during the summers.

“I learned how to be passionate about my music and how to

express my thoughts and feelings into the music” - Stephan,

student, age 14

Questions? Contact us via email or phone.

613 779 7867

Joel Bootsma has been a

teacher of music for

many years. He taught

grade 1 – 12 general

music, band, jazz band

and choir for 12 years in

British Columbia. He has

been teaching private

lessons for more years

than we can remember!

Joel opened his home

studio full-time in the fall

of 2007. He has also

conducted band and

orchestra. In his spare

time, Joel enjoys


and woodworking.

176 Colonial Road, Belleville Ontario